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Wild Fire Chilli Sauce:

Wild Fire Chilli Sauce is made from a rare chilli, Botswana sunshine, and a lot of tender loving care. It tastes so good because most of the ingredients are grown in an ancient forest on an island in the floodplains on the edge of the Okavango Delta. Many people think this is the best chilli sauce they have ever tasted and there are NO substitutes.

The Tshilli Farm is situated in a remote area called Tsutsubega. Due to changing rainfall patterns and drought, the community farmers have been experiencing more and more conflict with elephants over the last 10 years. The elephants decimate local crops, such as maize, so the area has become a high human/elephant conflict zone, similar to many other rural areas in northern Botswana.

When we decided to farm in the area, it seemed that the most sensible thing to grow was something that the elephants (and even the monkeys!) would not want to eat. From a small experimental garden of 20 chilli bushes in the white Kalahari sands of The Tshilli Farm, our first prototype bottle of very special ‘Wild Fire Chilli’ sauce was produced.

We are dedicated to conservation and community development. With chillis being an inedible crop for most animals, and a natural deterrent to most wildlife (elephants in particular) the outsourcing of our production to local farmers guarantees the farmers a conflict free income.

The Tshilli Farm supports responsible agriculture and the development of what is known as non-conflict crops.

To order your bottles of Wild Fire Chilli Sauce (125ml bottle) please email tshillifarm@gmail.com

First sauce ever made in 2009....it looks more professional these days but tastes just as good!

Everything on the farm is fully organically farmed. We only use a mixture of diluted garlic and chilli spray to keep away aphids and other pests. We do not use any chemicals or synthetic products on our crops.

Each week we harvest fresh vegetables to take into Maun for sale as our ‘Organic boxes’. Each week there is something different in these boxes to whet your appetite. IF you want to sign up for a box delivered into Maun each week, please email tshillifarm@gmail.com

We are currently experimenting with producing essential oils. We also plan to shortly have our own cows, ducks and goats to help supply fresh milk, butter, cheese, eggs and meat.


I was recently in Botswana and had the pleasure of trying your Red Hot Chilli Sauce; I must say that it’s probably the best hot sauce I have ever tasted.
Thank you very much,
Kenneth, U.S

Dear Tshilli Farm,
I returned from a trip to Maun last July with several bottles of your wild fire chilli sauce.  Sadly, I am almost finished with the last bottle. I want you to know this hot sauce is the best I have ever eaten, and other chilli sauce lovers agree this is truly outstanding.
Terry, U.S

We spent some haunting days in Botswana, and “The Wild Fire Chilli Sauce” was part of our journey.
Home from “cold” Botswana winter, back in warm German summer, we miss it!
With kind regards
Christine, Germany

Dear Adrian and Sophie,
I, like those in your testimonials, recently visited Botswana and tried the Tshilli Wild Fire Sauce - I would LOVE to order some for myself, and for a friend who can eat the hottest sauces around and loved the flavor of yours. So if you could let me know how to do this, that would be wonderful
Cathy, U.S

I am down to my last bottle, and not sure how long I can hold out…

Grant, Botswana

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dandridge,

On our way to the Makgadikgadi Pans from the Delta we stopped in Maun and luckily I bought a Wild Fire Chilli as souvenir. Back at home we tasted the Chilli and it was one of the best chilli sauces we ever had.

Thank you for that Wild Fire Chilli! It awakenes great memories…

Would it somehow be possible to buy some more of that chilli sauce from within Austria? I have already been asked from within the family that it would be great if I could get some more of that wonderful sauce.

Kind regards to Botswana,
Tamas Engel