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Current Projects:

The Tshilli Farm aims to capture your imagination and get you involved in the area. Let us know how you want to contribute or be inspired and we will make it happen. Below are some of the projects that we are currently involved with and we welcome volunteers on any or all of these ongoing projects:

Literacy Programme:
We are setting up a small literacy programme in Tsutsubega to teach the community, especially the children but really anyone who wants to learn, to read and write English. We are doing this through partnering with Shine and with their help setting up a ‘Mobile Library’ so please donate any unwanted books via tshillifarm@gmail.com

Building a Community Centre:
This will be a multi-purpose location and act as:
* a school for anyone who wants to learn but mainly the children in the area
* an area where the ladies int eh community can meet to make their cultural products
* an important meeting place for the community

Fencing Project:
The farm is a fenced area to keep the animals out of the vegetable patch! Elephants roam through the area frequently and sometimes walk straight through the fence so there is always fence maintenance to be done!

Sage Clearing:
The farm and the surrounding area is covered in wild sage. We are harvesting this and teaching the local community what the dried sage and stalks can be used for. Currently we are using it as building materials and it is very aesthetic and effective.

Building Project:
The farm is developing rapidly and there is always a building project ongoing. These range from a large farm workshop, a new restaurant, chalets, natural pools, viewing decks, to farm produce kitchen and packing areas.

Permaculture Project
The farm is being mapped out as a permaculture area and everything on the farm has a use. We are big into re-cycling and making sure everything has a multi-function. From the banana plants being watered by the run-off from the showers, to the compost from the composting toilet being used to enhance the gardens!

Massage Skills
We aim to bring volunteers out to share their massage training with the ladies of the local community so they can offer that to our guests for a fee to supplement their income.

Essential Oils
We are planting many species that are wonderful to create essential oils from. We need your help!

Cultural Products
We are working with the Tsutsubega community to teach them new skills such as making sage mats and blinds, small pot pourri bags of sage, bracelet weaving etc. We are looking for new ideas all the time.