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Meet the Team:

Adrian Dandridge:
Adrian is a visionary and deeply passionate about Botswana - the land, the people, the animals… and of course his chilli sauce. Having grown up in Maun, Adrian is never more happy than when he is at Tsutsubega on the farm. A true Botswanan citizen, he is interested in conservation, education and raising environmental awareness. With green fingers, everything on the farm thrives under his touch.

Akanyang is one of the hardest workers on the farm. No job is too big or small, nothing is too heavy or too difficult…what a woman! She keeps the place spotless, is tasked with making the chilli sauce to perfection, and ensures the camp is clean, comfortable and beautiful. From sage clearing to chilli harvesting, Akanyang is the mainstay of the farm.

All the maintenance, developing and building work is undertaken by Ipuso. As enamoured with the farm as Adrian, it is hard to get Ipuso to stop working and take a break!

Sophie Dandridge:
Whatever your needs, Sophie will do her best to make sure the Tshilli Farm meets them. All your bookings, enquiries and requests will be dealt with by Sophie so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Children:
Who wouldn’t want to grow up with one foot on a farm in the middle of the Okavango Delta. Anna and Nicolas must be some of the luckiest children around.

Snorty is our little piglet and such a character! He thinks he is a horse and trots around with the 4 horses on the farm never wanting to be left behind when we go for a ride.

Farm Cat
What farm would be complete without a lazy cat? Little Fella is our excuse for a predator on the farm although he wouldn’t hurt a cricket - so naturally is pretty useless at chasing away the vervet monkeys when they come to visit.